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Ladder safety

We produce a handy range of storage products for tools and equipment called Topp Boxx and Ladder Boxx. Your tools and equipment can be easily transported as the Topp Boxx and Ladder Boxx attach to your access equipment leaving you to safely work.

The Topp Boxx and Ladder Boxx are light and made of robust durable plastic and save the need for constantly climbing up and down. Both products are a great benefit to both tradespeople and the DIY sector.

The Boxx holds all the tools you need whilst off the ground, they’re even specially designed to hold paint tins and the corners are also designed to take electric cables so no more tripping on steps or ladders.

No more filling pockets with screwdrivers, screws or nails and then struggling to recover them, just fill up your Boxx and you’re good to go.

With the industry guide to heights maintaining a “3 points of contact rule – one hand and 2 feet”, the Topp Boxx and Ladder Boxx are great for achieving this and keeping safe when up ladders.

We are the UK’s largest manufacturers of First Aid cases.